Fostering Hope Devotional


I love to tell the stories of foster kids.  I especially love to tell stories of hope.  That, after all, is what this site is all about.  There is another set of words that are particularly hopeful.  And healing.  And life-giving.

When the two are brought together, the result is something beautiful.  Something powerful.  Something alive.  I hope you read it.  I hope it encourages you.  I hope it touches you.  I hope it trashes you.  And more than anything?  I hope God speaks to you, and that you are forever changed by that encounter.

Fostering Hope – Experiencing God’s Heart for Foster Kids. A 30-Day Devotional Guide (click to view)

Open it.  Download it.  Print it.  Read it.  Share it.  Fall in love with those who are closest to God’s heart.


An alternate download format is available specifically for printing: The first file is the cover and can be printed in color if you like.  The second file is the text portion of the booklet, sequenced for double-sided printing, in landscape mode.

Fostering Hope – A 30-Day Devotional Guide – cover

Fostering Hope – A 30-Day Devotional Guide – double-sided 


Or,you can read the devotional as a reading plan on the YouVersion online Bible: