Jan 072010

Have you ever seen something that was unjust? Of course you have, if you have ever watched the evening news even a single time. But have you ever done more than just glance, have you ever really stared at it? Have you ever gotten this knot in your stomach that won’t let you eat? Or woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking about the faces or the events you saw?

I have – it happened to me when I sat in a juvenile courtroom where a judge was reviewing the status of foster kids and their families. Were the parents repairing their lives to the point that their children could return home? Case after case, family after family. Then, the one – the one that made me sick. A whole group of adults assembled around the judge’s bench – lawyers for the state, the child, the parent. The parents themselves. The case worker. The judge asked a simple question – “where are the kids and how are they doing?”


 He asked again. Shuffling of papers, then silence again. No one knew. Who was supposed to advocate for the child? That day I didn’t just watch, I noticed. I stared. I got physically sick. And I got heart sick.

What makes you heart sick?